Custom Picture Framing

Custom framing is the hottest and best way to preserve your special memories and items.  From a wedding bouquet to a christining gown to a family bible, Georgian Gallery Custom Framing can design a frame that will work in your decor and not be duplicated anywhere.  


Master framer, Keith Sweat, has been framing for 40+ years.  Combine this experience with his training in interior design and event decorating, you will receive the most unique looks for your walls and shelves. 


Georgian Gallery only uses ph-nuetral papers in all the matting choices and backing boards.  Also, 99% UV-filtered glass is the default level of glazing materials to protect your precious keepsakes.

When considering a shadowbox for the special athelete or military person in your life, no one can present that special jersey or flag and medals better.  Keith's attention to design while "telling your story" within the shadowbox is amazing.  He will work with you identifying what is the most important dynamics for your framing and help you acheive your goals at a price that you are comfortable.  He always says, "I know custom framing can be expensive.  Let's find a look we are comforatable with first then we will make the price right for your wallet."


Come in and visit. Framing consultations are free.  Relax, it's just Keith.

Photo gallery: From shadowboxes to diplomas....

Frame Design

Frame design encompasses so much more than simply putting a frame around your picture. The size, color, texture, and style all work together to enhance your artwork, while simultaneously complementing your unique personality and style. But the quality of the materials used will work to ensure that you will be enjoying your art for many years to come.

With the right matting and frame, the framing package can become a work of art in and of itself.

However, care should be taken that the design does not overpower the art by drawing too much attention to itself. Some may mistakenly take this to mean that the frame should always be small, or simple, or that the mat should only be a small border in some neutral tone. Not true. By taking into consideration the color, size, style, and visual texture of your artwork, the frame design will become part of the art, enhancing the piece as a whole.

What to Frame?

Whether it’s a limited edition fine art print, your child’s first finger painting, a movieposter, or a priceless heirloom, we will help you choose the perfect design for your item. We treat everything with equal reverence, so your work will be safe with us. Sometimes, the art can be accidentally damaged before it even makes it to a frame shop, because it’s been improperly stored or handled. If it’s a rolled piece, such as a poster, serious damage can be caused by rubber bands, tape, paperclips, even a gentle squeeze. Make sure the art is placed in a folder, protective covering, or tube before transporting, and allow us to remove the item from its packaging.

Consider the surroundings

While you should certainly consider your room’s décor, care should be taken to avoid matching the framing to the room at the expense of what looks good with the art. Tastes and styles change, and what looks great with that red room today, may not look so good when the room is redone in shades of yellow. A good frame design should look at home in virtually any room in the house, and attention to this detail will ensure that the art will work with your future décor as well.

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