Contemporary Art, Custom Picture Framing & Interiors

As we all have done, Georgian Gallery has gone through several changes over its 50+ years history in Henry county. Starting in Stockbridge, the business was a small frame shop serving this community with quality framing.

Several years later the brand was sold, and the framing took an upscale turn to include some of the world’s finest framing designs. Also, the owners were dealers in fine antiques. Expanding its presence with antique trade shows, the gallery maintained a modest presence offering fine framing, antique art canvases, and beautiful antiques.

What follows is the current ownership of Georgian Gallery. Following a successful career in hotel management, Keith Sweat landed in Henry county following the 9-1-1 tragedy. He purchased Georgian Gallery with a desire to return to his first job which he did all through high school and college. Not knowing any better, he decided to keep the framing side of the business and let the antique business go. Then he looked at the space and said “I want to show Henry county people contemporary art.”

Keith started “interviewing” artist through gallery exhibits, art shows, and private meetings. Slowly and surely, he develops a gallery that, to this day, reflects some of the most unexpected talent in the state of Georgia.

With a fresh and energetic façade, thousands of people a year are served by Keith and his staff either via their expert custom picture framing, art events, and/or seeking assistance guidance in the latest interior design trends. Through large art gallery openings, monthly wine tastings, and lots of community service work Georgian Gallery has intrenched itself into the Henry county as “a gallery space for a gathering place.”