Bad Ass Lamps by Harry Tallman

   Steampunk, rustic and industrial is how Harry Tallman of Badass Lamps, LLC would describe his works of art.  He became interested in this rare craft during his time as an activities director for an assisted living facility. “I realized the seniors were not utilizing skills they acquired over many years in the workplace or in life.  The idea was a way to engage them in activities that would increase their cognitive function and enhance their creativity and mental sharpness.”

   Each lamp is hand made with a variety of gears, pulleys, brass gauges and other unique items that have been repurposed to create what we call “Badass Lamps”.  We’ve been passionate about making all our creations unique and artistic, yet functional for all your lighting needs.  Badass Lamps are on display at the Georgian Gallery Custom Framing at the McDonough Square.

To learn more about Harry and Bad Ass Lamps visit his website.