Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton is a lifelong resident of West Georgia. He was born in Austell, raised in Lithia Springs, and now resides in Bremen with his family. Through the mediums of drawing and painting, Bolton expresses his passion through creativity.

Bolton combines his fine art training from the University of West Georgia with his natural talent to create unique paintings in a self-discovered medium he calls, Dripressionism.

“Dripressionism” is a new style of painting where the paint is applied by dripping from a brush much like the style of Jackson Pollock. Like its counterpart, impressionism, dripressionism focuses on the overall impact and less on detail. Bold colors are applied side by side leaving the blending to the eye of the viewer. The painting process resembles more of a dance rather than the tedious application of paint while sitting in front of an easel. Matt is a member of the Carrollton Artist

Guild and has recently been commissioned for several portraits, murals and paintings. Matt has participated in several art walks and street festivals throughout the Metro Atlanta Area and has been a permanent artist at the Carrollton Cultural Art Center. He has several pieces at local galleries in the Atlanta area.

As for those numbers on the side of each piece, they spell the artist’s last name. And being a Christian, Matt believes his talent comes from God. The arrows serve as a reminder that his work is less about him and more about glorifying God.


To learn more about Matt and his work visit his Facebook.