Roger Stanislas

Art has always been such a passion of Roger’s. He says “There are endless possibilities and ideas through music, photography and simply-life experiences which to draw from for creative ideas. With my brush I can convey something that inspires me. The enjoyment that I get from the creative process of painting, and the endless possibility… Read more »

Kenneth Williams

A legacy of Creativity Kenneth Williams has always enjoyed art and being creative. It began in high school, airbrushing clothes, and shoes for friends. His mother, an incredibly creative woman, owned an interior design business when Kenneth was growing up. She introduced him to the airbrushing technique when making black out curtains and custom cornice… Read more »

 Willie Schofield

The Space Between Artist Statement of  Willie Schofield 20 years of loving, living, laughing, hurting, healing, helping, growing, gaining, searching, rediscovering, finding and trying to figure out what I have found in ALL of that. I’ve noticed one undeniable truth: “Creation Doesn’t Stop” For me, creation is like this wondering spirit, seeking a willing vessel… Read more »

Matt Bolton

Matt Bolton is a lifelong resident of West Georgia. He was born in Austell, raised in Lithia Springs, and now resides in Bremen with his family. Through the mediums of drawing and painting, Bolton expresses his passion through creativity. Bolton combines his fine art training from the University of West Georgia with his natural talent… Read more »

Eric Farland

Eric Farland was born in California in 1966 and grew up in Woodside, California. He joined the Army in 1986, served in Desert Storm and left the Army in 1993. He discovered his passion for wood working when he was in high school. Although he dedicated over 20 years to working in a corporate environment… Read more »

Bad Ass Lamps

Harry Tallman Steampunk, rustic and industrial is how Harry Tallman of Badass Lamps, LLC would describe his works of art.  He became interested in this rare craft during his time as an activities director for an assisted living facility. “I realized the seniors were not utilizing skills they acquired over many years in the workplace… Read more »

Roy L. Turpin

Roy L. Turpin is an American Fine Art Photographer and a Georgian native.  His early years as an artist consisted of illustration and painting compositions, though he eventually followed his calling to photography.  Beginning as a Black & White film photographer over two decades ago, he eventually made a switch to the digital medium.  Remaining… Read more »